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September 1, 2022

Budgie scared and doesn’t sleep

My dead budgie came to me when i entered hands inside the cage, i took him outside and he stayed in my hands ..but sometime i chased him and grabbed him with my very hands (that they knew my hands and willingly stood on it)..inside the cage when he did not want to come and i forcefully grabbed him by my hands.
Is it possible that he could not be sleep because he was afraid of me for grabbing him sometimes..he knew me and came to me willingly,,but i am afraid that he was scared of me for grabbing him and did not sleep for me by staying alert for me.I dont know that he slept or not..but in his last 9 days i was with him in the same room…for that reason i think he did not sleep and died.



There are many reasons why a bird will die, but lack of sleep is not likely at all. If a bird is tired, he will sleep. While you may have grabbed him at times, it doesn’t sound like he minded. Tame birds can get used to being picked up from behind. Lovebirds are known for running away when they are in the cage, and a lot of owners get the out by picking them up from behind. This isn’t quite the same as grabbing a scared bird. I’m sorry for your loss, but it doesn’t sound like he died because of anything you did.

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