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September 1, 2022

Budgie sleeping schedule

How can a budgie sleep with lights on?
Doesn’t the light get into the eyes of them even after closing the eyes..if i try to sleep looking at the source of light with eyes closed, i get irritated? Dont they get irritated looking at the light source with closed eyes like that and cannot sleep even having craving for sleep at that time?



You have asked several times about birds sleeping, and I do think you are much too concerned about this. If a bird needs to sleep, it will sleep as long as you leave it alone – meaning don’t talk to him or try to get him out when he is trying to sleep. Light or dark, they sleep when they need to. A lot of people have no problems sleeping with bright lights on. Birds don’t seem to have a problem with it, either. I’m sorry you don’t seem to understand this, but sleeping is not a common concern with pet birds. The only time it can be an issue is if a bird has too many hours of light every day, it can become hormonal and if it is a female, it may start laying eggs. If you have lights on late at night, get a lightweight cover for the bird’s cage and this will be fine. And again, this would mainly be to prevent unwanted hormonal behavior and not because the bird can’t sleep if there are lights on.

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