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February 12, 2019

Budgie training

Hi, I have had my budgie for about a month now, I got her when she was 6 weeks, i think she was a bit younger, but she is very friendly, she’s used to my hand and jumps straight on when I put it in the cage, she steps up and loves a scritch but she won’t let me hold her or put my hand behind her, and as soon as shes out of the cage she just flys around so quick and perches on my curtain rails which is too high to get her down, and she won’t come to me when I get her out of the cage? Any advice? On getting her to stay with me when she’s out of the cage and to come back when I call, I’ve tried bribing her with treats but she’s having non of it, and when I try hold her she bites but when I put my hand in she’ll just straight on, I’ve tried everything to try train her but it’s my first time having a budgie and I’m just struggling a bit


Hi Jasmin,

Birds do not like to be grabbed from behind because this is how a predator would catch them in the wild. As far as flying away, I would recommend having an expert – a Vet or bird shop – trim her wings so she cannot fly. Then you can work on her training without her flying away. When she molts, her wing feathers will grow back and she will be able to fly again. If you still have problems with her flying away, then you can have them trimmed again. You can work with her by giving her a treat or praise when she steps up and she may eventually get better about coming to you when she can fly again. But some birds become too independent when they can fly and only come to you when they are ready to be fed or get in their cage.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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