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March 13, 2023


suddenly the bird couldn’t fly. she sits on the bottom of her cage. plz don’t tell me she might be sick and go to a avian vet. i know she must be sick and we do not have avian vets here in Egypt. is there any medicine i could give her which might help?


Hi Teresa,

I’m sorry your little budgie is sick. We don’t tell people to take their birds to the vet to avoid helping. We cannot legally give out medical advice. But even if it was legal, there is absolutely no way to know what would help your budgie without being able to examine it or run tests. There are dozens of reasons why a bird suddenly stops flying. Injuries, infections, organ diseases, viruses, arthritis – the list goes on. There is no single cure for this problem – if you give an antibiotic and it’s the wrong one, it could make the bird worse. The same goes for any medication, which is why these medicines aren’t available for pet owners to buy over the counter. I would recommend calling local vets to see if any of them would see your bird. All vets get some training on avian medicine and can treat some problems – they do not have to be a specialist to treat birds. I hope you can find some help and I am sorry there is nothing we can do other than offer support.

Take care,


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