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May 28, 2021

Budgies training

I am following the guidance u gave before about budgies breeding…Now my budgie has laid 4 eggs and 3 has been hatched out ..Please could you suggest me how to train them and stop them running away from us and stop biting..



I’m glad your budgies have had success. You can handle the chicks as soon as they are weaned. If the parents are tolerant, you can handle the chicks when they are still in the nest box. If you want them to be tame, it is best to only have one per cage. You definitely can’t keep males and females together because you shouldn’t let related birds breed. If possible, take them to a professional to have the wings trimmed. This will help you tame and train them and the feathers will molt and grown back later, if you want them to be able to fly. Be patient with them and never grab them – they are prey animals, so grabbing them makes them feel like a predator has caught them. It can take time to earn their trust, but just be consistent and talk to them a lot. Here are links to our training page and behavior page for more details.

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