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February 18, 2020


After a vacation of bout 2and galf weeks my african grey is not the the same. He bullies me i cant handle hom like before and he chews his wing and tale feathers. Some days are better than others ans then there are the biting every time i get close. Its been more than a year now what am i to do.


Hi Madalyne,

It is normal for a bird to act out when an owner returns from vacation, but this is usually just a phase and most birds will go back to normal behavior after a few days. It sounds like he was particularly upset – did you board him or did someone come into your home and take care of him? Whichever it was, something really upset him or maybe he became attached to whoever cared for him. Unfortunately when he acted out, you didn’t know how to address it and now this is an established issue. You best option is to find a professional parrot behaviorist to help you I can give you some links that can help you understand his behavior, but I feel like this has reached the point where you need an expert to come to your house and help. I would ask the bird shops, Vet or breeders in your area if they know of any behavior experts in your area. Otherwise there are some who will do consultations by phone. This is a larger issue than what we can address in the space we have here. Please review the links below and also try an internet search to try to find someone who can help you.

Caring For Your Bird

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