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December 6, 2019

Cage liners?

I have been looking into cage liners for our bird cage. We used to get Fosters and Smith liners but they went out of business. I have read articles that say wax liners are not safe, and some articles say it is safe to use. Could you help me with this and any recommendations you may have?
Thank you, Michelle


Hi Michelle,

You might check Petco for the liners you used to buy, because they bought Foster & Smith and then decided to shut down that website. Liners are not necessary if the cage had a metal floor grate. You can use newspaper, plain brown paper, paper towels, or a bird safe bedding like aspen shavings. Do not use other shavings like pine or cedar due to dust and aromatic oils that are not safe for birds.  Even without a floor grate you can use these items on the cage floor – the main problem is if they can access the bedding it might trigger breeding hormones and egg laying.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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