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March 10, 2019

Caique in pain

My 2 year old Caique had a little accident yesterday, he flew up onto a shelf and knocked a candle over and it fell on him. He was screaming and biting in pain. Today he is no better He hurt his right wing. I tried to make him as comfortable as possible today but every time I would go touch him he would scream and bite me. I eventually put him in his cage. And when he was out I kept him on a perch. I helped him to go from one place to the other, and fed him good, he had no problem eating. I put him to bed this evening and sang to him to relax, he was stressed. I’m worried about him. Can they die if they get overly stressed .


Hi Lori,

Please take your bird to an Avian Vet first thing in the morning. Let them know what happened so they will see him right away. It definitely sounds like he has an injury – his wing could be broken or dislocated and needs to be treated by a Vet. If the candle was lit, he may have serious burns that you can’t see because of his feathers. The flame or the hot wax can burn a bird – the wax is worse because it sticks to the skin and feathers and causes serious burns. If he is not seen right away, he could end up with an infection. Birds will do their best to hide signs of injury or illness, so the fact that he is acting the way he is means he is in a lot of pain. You clearly love him a lot and want to do what is best so please let a Vet help him.

Take care,


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