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October 18, 2017

Can I keep my parakeet in his cage without letting him out for a week?

Hello! I’ve got a 1+ year old male albino parakeet. His name is Yuki. He’s very energetic, playful, and loving. He loves to be out of his cage all the time and he flys all around the house. Anyway, we’re going on vacation next week and we’ll be gone exactly for a week. We’re leaving Yuki with a friend. Our friend has a big house and for other reasons, I don’t think she’ll be able to let Yuki out of his cage. I heard your parakeet can get frustrated or stressed if not let out of cage daily. Will it be okay not to let Yuki out of his cage for a week? Will he be stressed or frustrated?
Thanks for the answers in advance. 🙂


Hi Jael,

Yuki should be fine staying in his cage and it is definitely the safest option for him. He will probably be subdued being in a new environment, anyway. Many birds board at the vet or bird shops and are not taken out for safety reasons. Since Yuki is fully flighted, he could end up hurting himself in an unfamiliar environment. He should probably be in a quiet area of the house – not completely isolated but also not where people are walking past him a lot. If he seems scared or gets startled ask them to cover part of the cage, leaving the front open for light. This can help him feel more secure. If he acts normal and seems to settle in easily, he can be in an area where there are more people. They will just need to watch him and see how he reacts to a new place. If he has a special treat he likes – maybe something like millet spray – put that in his cage before you leave him to keep him occupied. Extra treats for a week will not hurt him.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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