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January 9, 2023

Can i separate my budgies?

Sorry for asking another question, but i can separate 2 parrots that are mates? i have only 2 budgies (female and male) and i tink they are mates. Beacuse of that, i can gain only their trust. Is a good option to separate them? If i do that, i need to buy 2 mirrors for each one?



If these birds are bonded, then you really should not split them up. If you did, they would still most likely just call back and forth to each other and not be much easier to tame. It’s best to start with a single young bird. You can try separating these two and see how they react. But if al they do is chirp back and forth and try to get to each other, it is better to let them stay together and get another young bird to tame as a pet.

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