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January 14, 2023

Can I separate my lovebirds

I’m going to get two lovebirds soon and I was thinking if I could separate them because I don’t want two my grandma is going to take one and I’m going to take one I don’t think they’re mated but I think that there bonded but if I separate them I will bond with one of them like I will play with him so yeah



It depends on how long these birds have been together. If they have only been together for a short time, and they are only a few months old, for example, then separating them would most likely be OK. And possibly you could tame one. But if these birds have been together for a year or years, and are truly bonded, then it would be cruel to separate them. And you would most likely have a single bird that is wild, can’t be tamed and is miserable without his companion or mate. Love birds can be impossible to tame if they are not hand fed. Hand fed lovebirds that are not handled tend to revert to being wild and can’t be tamed again. Like any parrot, a lovebird needs a companion or mate. If the bird can’t be tamed, it needs another lovebird as a companion. Probably these birds need to remain together and you should think about getting a single handfed lovebird that would make a much better pet.

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