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September 10, 2019

Can parakeets talk?

I was wondering can parakeets talk? I have that I just got about a month ago and am trying to let them get used to their new home! I keep their cage door open all day so they can come and go as they wishing! What surprised me most is that every night around 9 pm they go straight back to their cage and look at me like ok we are done for the day!

I enjoy you page about birds,thank you for your help!


Hi Lori,

All parrots are capable of talking but that doesn’t mean they will. Since you have two living together, they are not as likely to talk. Birds learn to talk in order to try to communicate with us. Your birds are more likely to chatter to each other than be interested in learning human words. Talk to them a lot, because you never know what they might pick up.

I’m glad you enjoy our site. Since your birds have freedom most of the time, make sure you are always around. It is not a good idea to leave birds out of the cage when you are not at home to supervise. Also, if you have a male and female, this much freedom is likely going to lead to them wanting to breed so you need to be prepared for that. Unless you want to deal with breeding, do not give them a nest or nest box. And do not let them spend time in small dark places or anything that might feel like a nesting site for them.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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