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January 18, 2023


My Sun Conure named Charley just finished laying her 4th egg for the 4th time over her 7 yr life. She has never had a partner nor bred. Is this normal for her to go into laying eggs once a year even if there’s no male bird?



Yes, this is perfectly normal, and as long as she only does this about once a year, then it’s OK. Some single hens can become chronic egg layers and end up needing hormone treatment. Some ways to discourage egg laying is to never give her a bird hut or tent or anything she can use as a nest, only pet her on the head, don’t let her get in dark places when she is out of the cage. If she does this about the same time each year, as the time gets close, you can limit her light to 8-10 hours by covering her cage early each evening, rearrange toys and perches in the cage  and move the cage to another spot in the room once a week. Also stop feeding fresh foods when she shows signs of egg laying. Egg laying is triggered by longer days, warm weather, abundant food and a stable place to lay eggs.

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