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January 25, 2023

Chaces of older female lovebird get along with younger male

Hi! I have a 13-month old female lovebird and a 5-month old male. I keep them in two separate cages since they are way too young to mate and breed. However, out of cage they sometimes scratch each other’s head (mostly the younger male gives this service). Most of the time the female bites the male, especially his feet. The male is quite submissive and doesn’t fight back. He doesn’t even show any signs of maturity. Now I wonder if there are any chances that they might get along well in the future or the older female won’t accept a young male at all!



I would not introduce them in the same cage until the male is 2 years old. Yes, right now he is mainly a nuisance for her, and in the same cage, she might kill him. As he gets mature, she will be more interested. But lovebirds should really be 2 years old for breeding. A younger hen would be at a higher risk of egg binding, and a young male tends to be more interested in mating than caring for a mate and eggs. There is certainly a chance they could bond once he is mature enough.

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