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August 11, 2020

Climbing trees

Where do you get those “trees”?


Thank you for attending our webinar by Lisa Bono. Below is Lisa’s response:

Hi Judith,

From my store, The Platinum Parrot. Picking out the perfect tree can prove to be difficult. I was fortunate to have been able to hand pick most of my client’s trees during my years in NJ. I would rummage through trunks, branches and bases to find just the perfect tree. Since they are slippery, you need to say with about an inch branch in order for the bird to move around properly and grasp with their beaks and feet. They can not move around if they cannot get their beaks around the branches. Many sites use a picture of a stock tree for sale. People are shocked when it is not the tree that arrives. I know this to be true because one tree that was in my store was used as a stock photo to sell others on various websites. They are an investment, but some of mine are over 14 years old with no signs of wear. If you need help locating one, please reach out to me.

Lisa Bono

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