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Parrot addicted to Rubik’s Cube

Hi, Another problem for my Alexandrine. Lately my bird has been in love with my Rubik’s cube. He chews it’s blocks and sometimes even takes them out. He plays for hours. Due to that problem, I had to buy another one for myself but to my surprise he wants to play with it ie. Destroy […]

Preening toys

My, approximately, 6 month old cockatiel has a tendency to ‘nibble’ his neck feathers when he’s at peace and roosting. From what I have read, preening toys can relieve stress as well as the need for social preening. I have tried adding a simple preening toy and so far it does seem to have made […]

Canary toys

Does a pair of canaries need toys? I was told that it’s better not since they have each other?

Bird safe “glue”?

Hi Labeber, I was wondering what binding agent is used to keep the nutriberries and cakes together. I want to attach one inside a cardboard tube as a foraging toy and would like to know what glue would be safe to use as well.


My budgie is constantly chewing on her perch, its a dowling perch.. will it do any harm to her


Twice a week I have to leave home all day for work. Is it okay to leave my cockatiel alone all day without any human or bird interaction?

Does a parrot actually need toys in this condition?

Hi, My parrot stays out of its cage all day and only uses the cage for sleeping. Should I put toys in its cage or is it completely fine for him to have none? I still have inserted 2 swings into its cage.

Lovebird Paper chewing

Is it okay if i give my 3 lovebirds some paper to chew? The paper i give them are papers with ballpen written in them, uhm i write things on that paper using ballpen.. is it okay? Do i need to use papers with nothing written in them?

Cleaning rope

whats best way for cleaning wooded and “rope” perches, to lessen chance of infection, bacteria

Is paper really safe?

Hi, I was making diy bird toys out of plain lined paper and was going to use plain printer paper too. I don’t know of any chemicals in it but my dad said it might have chemicals. I wasn’t sure because people on YouTube say to use any paper. I would appreciate the help. 😃 […]

Natural Bird Toys

I have a budgie and I was wanting to make some toys for him! Can budgies have pinecones? And what woods are okay for them? Any other recommendations? Thanks!

Toy safety

Glad you mentioned about the dangers of toys for birds. i find most of them very dangerous. I stay away from metal chains. Please mention that bells have sections where the birds could get their limbs caught. Nicole

rope toys

What fibrous materials ,if any, are ok for “rope” in bird toys?

Lovebird companion

I am considering acquiring a companion for my 6 month old male Peach-faced Lovebird. Kiwi seems very unhappy if he is stuck in his cage, and sometimes paces back and forth on the cage’s floor. If the cage is opened up on top, Kiwi has the habit of flying to the floor, and then running […]

Lonely lovebird

Hello, my daughter moved and was unable to take her single lovebird with her. We keep the bird in my daughter’s old bedroom to protect her from our cats. My friend who has a parrot would be willing to keep the lovebird, same room but separate cages or would it be better to keep the […]

B&G Macaw and hormones

I have a wonderful blue and gold macaw who is just getting into puberty (almost 4 years old!)… we always cuddled when she was young and she still loves to cuddle (head pets only of course), and i help her preen the pin feathers she can’t get on her head. Is this sending her the […]

Meyer’s parrots

I have two Meyer Parrots and they love having their heads petted. Is this OK? I give my parrot wooden blocks that they enjoy chewing. Any concerns with the color dyes? Are they toxic?

my parakeet

Hi I’m a pet parakeet owner and I would like some advice on what to do with my pet parakeet my mother is in charge of feeding and where to put the cage but unfortunately my parakeet doesn’t get much attention and usually just spends there day in a cage in a room without barely […]

Shipping boxes

Hello, During the first First Aid lecture, I saw a question regarding the use shipping boxes for birds to chew on. I didn’t see that question answered and am wondering the same thing; is it safe to allow the birds to chew on used shipping boxes after the tape/labels have been removed.

Toys seen in webinar

Hello, I’ve been catching up on the webinars posted to Lafeber’s youtube channel and in the first hormonal behavior webinar with Dr. Stephanie Lamb, she showed a few foraging toys that looked pretty cool! I wondered if you could provide links? I can’t seem to find anything too similar. Also, do you think the toys […]

Green Cheek Conures

I have 2 green cheek conures how much out of cage time do they need? Do they have to be Only on pellet diet? Should there cage be covered at night? Should green cheeks be seen every year by the vet? Can you tell genders of conures? Also should i get pet insurance for birds? […]

Bird Boings

What was the name of the company for the boings?

Broken toy

I’ve broken my birds placst mate will he be ok

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Hello! I absolutely love cockatoos and am getting one soon. What breed would be best, which is the most friendly. Do Umbrella Cockatoos make good pets? 🙂

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My cockatiel

Why does my cockatiel don’t play with his toy. He only plays with the mirror.

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A new member to the family

Hello, I have two cockatiels one is a pearl named Volka and another is lutino named Pikachu. Both females (I’ve checked) are very nice and Volka is the friendlier and more social one of the two. My problem is that around 3 months ago I adopted a white-bellied caique that is named Lucky. Long story […]

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Love bird reaction when I make eye contact

Hello, Someone in your office suggested Brenda or Kathi for this question… I buy your lovebird products regularly. I have a bird question. My lovebird will fly to the bottom of the cage whenever she sees me or I make eye contact. It makes me think she is afraid of me but to my knowledge […]

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Let out of cage?

Is it OK to let my new budgie out of its cage before he has been tamed?

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My New Parrot Has Lost Her Love of Her Life…

Hello! I have recently taken a parrot out of an EXTREMELY neglectful environment. she used to have a friend that she loved more than anything with her.  I felt that was at least a little more acceptable that they were never taken out of their cage or played with or anything bcuz at least they […]

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shredding paper

hi there. We use newspaper on the bottom of our cage for our sun conure.He constantly shreds it even outside the breeding period.He has wooden toys all the time in his cage.Is there something he is lacking or is he just a meathead?

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should I get my cockatiel a friend?

I got a pearl cockatiel from a neglectful situation 3 months ago. she is 12 years old and has never had another cockatiel in the house as her. I know I should keep at least 2 cockatiels together, but is it too late to try to find her a friend? she seems interested in my […]

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Are Cockatiels Good Starter Birds?

Are cockatiels good birds for beginners that don’t have any bird experience? I’m interested in a bird that isn’t too small and I can build a trusted relationship with, and the cockatiel seemed just right…

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HELP! My baby is biting!

Hello! So I actually just got my first Quaker parrot a little over a month ago. And we have bonded very quickly! He’s not entirely comfortable with being pet yet, but he’s very loving and chatty and whenever I leave the room he’ll call out for me to make sure I’m okay…

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Rehomed Gray

I rehomed a 4 yr old female Gray She came in a 23x23x34 cage with 1/2 in perch I tried to replace them with 1 in. perch she wanted nothing to do with it hung on the back of the cage until I removed it…

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Parakeet Sexing

Currently, my family has two parakeets. We know that male parakeets have a blueish-purple cere, and females have a peachy-white cere. However, one of our parakeets ceres has changed from a vibrant, certain blue to a peach color (since purchasing the bird seven years ago), and is taking heavy interest in the nesting box recently put on the cage…

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Green, Blue, Yellow Parakeets

My three daughters are asking for a parakeet each. They each want a different color parakeet. I have purchased a large cage for small birds. ..

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