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January 4, 2021

Closed it’s left eye lid

Hi Lafeber,
My cockateil chick aged 3 weeks ++ and I still hand rearing it. Recently (past 3 days), I found that most of the time, the chick closed it’s left eye lid and leave the right one open. The chick looks healthy and consume the hand feed formula well. It had opened it’s left eye lid once awhile only.
1) What could be the reason for the symptom?
2) Any medicine/treatment for the symptom?


Hi Joy,

If this is still going on, I would take him to an Avian Vet. Make sure he does not have a full crop when you take him. If the Vet is not close, you can take a small amount of formula to feed him after the exam, but only a very small amount to hold him over until you get back home. He may have a respiratory infection or an eye infection going on and the Vet would need to diagnose this and prescribe the correct medication.

Take care,


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