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June 9, 2021

Cockateil settle time

How much a cockateil need time to settle in my house on the cage ?? I got breeding pair they breed many times in there preious home


Hi Samrat,

You can’t put a time frame on birds settling in. Each bird is different. It could take days, weeks or months. They need to rest for at least 6 months in between clutches, so it also depends on when they last had chicks. When you say “many times” it makes me concerned that they have been over bred. In the wild, they only breed once per year. I captivity, they should only be allowed to breed twice a year, with six months between each clutch. When the chicks leave the nest box, you should always remove the nest box and not give it back to them for 6 months. They also need a quiet, private area for their cage. They will not breed if people are around them a lot. So make sure they have not bred recently, and then give them privacy and time to settle in.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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