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May 12, 2021


I have only had my bird about two weeks i always leave cage door open let him go in and out fly wherever he wants i talk to him everyday when i go to his cage he go around and around he also has his back turned to me he is 5yrs old not tame i adopted him i did get him to eat mullets out of my hand but he want step up he did let me kiss him a couple of times but nothing lately.


Hi Melinda,

Your bird probably needs more time to get used to his new home and to you. Two weeks is not very long when it comes to taming or training a bird. If he is 5 and has never been tame, then he will be challenging to work with. He may never be a very tame bird, but at least he can learn to trust you. Allowing him to come and go is not the best thing to do when you are trying to tame a bird. It makes him independent – he doesn’t have to rely on you to come out of his cage. You need to spend time sitting next to the cage and taking to him. Keep your hands out of sight to begin with. Birds are prey animals so they do not like to be grabbed. He needs to trust you, first, and then get used to your hands. I’ll give you the link to our taming and behavior pages. These pages will give you details information that should help you understand him and know how to work with him. Be patient and don’t set a time limit – this can take weeks, months or longer.

Teaching Your Bird

Pet Bird and Parrot Behavior

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