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May 24, 2021


Hi my partner and i dont live together we both have a cockateil each ,so on frids until sun they are both together usually during the week they are separated, is this a cruel thing? They dont stress out when i have to take mine home they do call out to each other we do intend to move in together in 2022


Hi Angie,

Since the birds are not a bonded pair, what you are doing is fine. I do want to warn you that if you want your birds to remain tame, do not ever have them share a cage, even if they are the same sex. Birds that share a cage will almost always form a bond, even if they are not male and female. Once this happens, they tend to lose interest in people and no longer want to be handled. They can even get territorial and aggressive towards people. If you keep each bird in their own cage, and only allow interaction when they are both out of their cages, this is usually fine. You are each the companions for each bird, so they don’t need to share a cage.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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