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June 30, 2021


Hi! You answered my earlier question about Cockatiels, and thank you for the great answer. What would be an appropriate sized cage for a cockatiel? I know it would have to be bigger than a cage for 2 parakeets, although the cage we got for our parakeets is really big, and it’s a flight cage so they can stretch there wings, Plus we let them out to fly
But do you have any recommendations on a certain cage you can order? Thanks so much!


Hi Ella,

The minimum size would be 18 Inches X 18 inches. A better size would be 20X20 or 18X24. It’s important to get a cage that is designed for a Cockatiel, because the bar spacing has to be ½ to 5/8 inches or the bird can get his head stuck. Some cages are ¾ inch, but if you end up with a smaller Cockatiel, this could be too wide for him. I recommend investing in one of the metal, powder coated cages that are on legs with wheels, so it’s easy to move around and clean. The wire type cages with plastic bottoms are harder to clean and you often have to buy a stand so the cage isn’t just sitting on the floor. Also, the plastic parts eventually break and can be hard to replace. You will be better off spending a bit more to get a sturdy cage that will last forever.

Best wishes finding your new buddy!


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