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March 24, 2022


Twice a week I have to leave home all day for work. Is it okay to leave my cockatiel alone all day without any human or bird interaction?



Most bird owners do work, and their birds get used to the schedule. It’s good to allow some time in the morning to handle the bird, and when you get home as well. Even if you aren’t ready for a long play time when you return, a short time giving him some attention can hold him over until later after you have had dinner, or rested and are ready to spend some quality time with him. When you are gone, he is likely to sleep a lot, so he will be ready for attention when you return. You should make sure he has plenty of toys to keep him busy, and you can always leave some music playing or a TV for him so it won’t be so quiet in the home. I would also recommend teaching him how to forage, and then setting up some foraging exercises in his cage for him on the days you work. Foraging is how wild parrots spend most of their day, so it is a natural way for our pet birds to exercise and get enrichment. Below is a link to our foraging videos on youtube:

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