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July 26, 2022


My husband had this bird and then passed away. I don’t mind taking care of it I am asking about signs of aging. She is 23 this year. She can be quite cranky at times. Just trying to assess her overall health



I’m very sorry for your loss. Of course your bird has suffered a loss, too, and does not understand why her longtime companion is no longer there for her. At 23, she is quite old for a cockatiel. She likely does have some senior related issues. If she is molting – losing old feathers and growing new ones – this can make her a bit cranky. And overall she may feel cranky at losing her main companion. Spend time with her and talk to her. She may bond with you in her loneliness. Keep her routine as close to what she is used to as you can, including her diet. We do make a senior bird diet that has supplements that can help her with some senior issues. I do not suggest a major diet change at her age, but you might get some and offer her some along with her usual diet. As long as she is eating and drinking and somewhat active, she is as healthy as you can expect at her age. If you become very worried, you can take her to an avian vet, but be sure to discuss her age ahead of time.

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