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April 7, 2018

Cockatiel bird going to nest box but not laying egg

My cocktail going to inside the nest box but not laying egg.. more than one month they start mating. still every day they are mating. male and female near to 2 years old.


Hi Karni,

Your birds are just now old enough to breed and are still a bit immature and of course inexperienced. Be patient with them and hopefully you will see some results soon. If she does start to lay eggs, she will lay one every other day. She may not start to sit on them until she has laid more than one egg. Even then she may not sit on them or may get on of off of them. First eggs rarely hatch – it tends to be more of a practice run. If they fail the first time, let them try again, but then take the nest box away for a few months to rest them. Generally do not allow more than two clutches in a row, followed by about 6 months of rest without a nest box. The parents also need a lot of special foods – chopped veggies, fruits, cooked eggs, multi grain bread and of course their fortified diet. Plain seeds are not adequate. Be sure to do a lot of research on breeding cockatiels. You can Google and get plenty of results to read. Most importantly they need privacy. If you hover over them and check them several times a day, they are not likely to settle down and lay eggs. They should not be in a busy part of the house while nesting. A quiet room is best, and only check on them 2-3 times a day.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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