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September 14, 2021

Cockatiel breeding behavior

I have two cockatiel pairs in avariy and one pair lays eggs. So now the other pair are also preparing themselves for eggs. They mate and go inside there box. But there is one problem every day before sunset the male and female make lot of piercing squawks. After sunset female sleep inside box and male outside. So why are they making too much noise. My other cockatiel pair didn’t show this behavior and also they didn’t make lot of noise.


Hi Ayesha,

When breeding, it is best to only have one pair in the cage. Breeding birds get very territorial, and trying to have more than one pair usually doesn’t work out. It is natural for birds to be vocal in the morning and at night. Most likely this pair is establishing their territory by being vocal and they are warning the other pair to keep their distance. I would recommend not having both pairs in the aviary when you give them a nest box, or not breeding the birds at all. Watch them carefully if you do not remove the other pair. The male is guarding his nest at night, and he will viciously attack and even kill the other birds if they get too close.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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