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July 23, 2021

Cockatiel Companion

I was wondering what bird would be the best companion for my cockatiel, Hezekiah. He’s very sweet and lovable, but I don’t want him to be lonely as I work a good bit. I was thinking of getting a budgie, but worried that the budgie might be aggressive toward him or not as friendly as Kiah is. Should I get him a mirror instead?


Hi Thia,

If you put another bird in the same cage, your bird will stop being tame. As long as you give Hezekiah toys to play with, he will be fine. Most people with pet birds are away at work all day. You can leave some music playing or a TV with children’s programming so it isn’t too quiet. You can try a mirror, but if he gets obsessed with it, you will have to take it away. Some birds start feeding and trying to mate with a mirror, or get so obsessed all they do is sit by the mirror and not play with any other toys. You can also teach him to forage to keep him busy while you are at work. I’ll give you a video link to foraging ideas. If you get another bird, it needs to be in its own cage.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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