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November 10, 2021

Cockatiel company

I f my cokiteal is very tame and she is a little bit older than 1 year is it a good idea to introduce her with a tame tame male.
If not what would the consequences be?
Would she and the male remain tame?


Hi Jeff,

If you want the bird to remain tame, you should not cage her with another bird. You can get another bird, but each should have their own cage. When you cage birds together, they will almost always form a bond with each other and no longer have interest in humans. You definitely do not want to put a female cockatiel with a male until both birds are at least 2 years old. She is very likely to start laying eggs if she is caged with a male now, or if she interacts with a male a lot – even just out of the cage. She is really too young to be laying eggs. Female cockatiels are known for becoming chronic egg layers in captivity if you aren’t careful. The presence of a make can trigger her hormones and cause her to lay eggs. Forming and laying eggs is very hard on the bird, and in the wild they only lay eggs once a year. In captivity, they can get stuck in an egg laying cycle and end up needing hormone treatment to stop. So it’s best to enjoy her as a pet, and if you still want a male, keep them away from each other until she is older, and never cage them together if you want them to remain tame.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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