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June 20, 2022

Cockatiel diet

What is the best food brands for cockatiels? I want to do pellets and just a few seeds, but unfortunately they reject pellets.


Hi Alichia,

We can only comment on our diets, and of course they are what we recommend! 🙂

The good news when it comes to seeds, is that our foraging diets are all formulated as a complete daily diet the same as pellets, but the ingredients are not ground up. You can feed our foraging diets alone or along with pellets. But the point is, they do not have to eat pellets in order to have a nutritionally balanced diet. Fresh seeds are healthy, and part of the natural diet of many parrots. But the seeds found in mixes are not fresh enough to retain their nutrients, and any added vitamins are lost when the bird removed the hulls. We use fresh, human grade seeds with the hull removed in our diets. This allows them to absorb the nutritious binder we coat all of our ingredients with. They are basically the step before grinding and pelleting, since pellets are made with seeds and grains. So our Nutri-Berries, Avi-Cakes & Pellet-Berries are perfect for cockatiels since they contain the whole seeds that are a natural part of a wild cockatiel’s diet. Some whole seeds are also very important to a Cockatiel’s digestion, so this is a nutritional way to offer whole seeds rather than feeding any from a loose seed mix. In order to be sure your birds are getting the full benefit of the nutrition, we do not recommend offering a loose seed mix at all, even in small amounts. We do recommend that you also offer greens, veggies and fruits as 20% of the daily diet.

I’ll give you some links below with more feeding ideas, as well as a link to our new Fun Foraging Packs, which is a great way to try four of our diets on your birds!

Bird Food Guide


Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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