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July 17, 2020

Cockatiel feeling lonely

I had two cockatiels. Male and female. My female bird died this past weekend. I can tell my male cockatiel is missing her by the way he is behaving. He does not want me to leave him alone. I’m about to start working again and i live by myself. Should i get him another bird? Please help me!


Hi Carmenza,

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Birds will grieve when they lose a mate, but he will be OK. As far as getting another one, there are several things to consider. Were these birds sharing a cage? If so, were they tame? If they were mates and not tame, then he probably would eventually be happier with another companion. But it also depends on his age and how long he had been with the other bird. If he is an old bird, then adding another bird to the same cage might not work out. But you could consider getting another one as a pet, in its own cage, and this would give him another bird to talk to when you aren’t around. If he is still fairly young, you can try another companion – male or female. I would give him some time before you add another bird to the same cage, and if you do get another bird, you need to keep it separated for at least 30 days to make sure it is healthy. Also, keep in mind that he might not accept another bird in the same cage, so you could end up with birds in separate cages regardless.

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