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April 23, 2019

cockatiel mate

I had 2 cockatiel birds and one got out the cage and flew away. His wings were clipped but the wind got under him and took him away.
My other bird has been calling for the him but he hasn’t made it home. If I got a new cockatiel to keep him company, would my bird accept it? Or is it best to leave him on his own?


Hi Liam,

If this has been recent, it would be a good idea to put lost bird flyers in your neighborhood and check with neighbors. Clipped wings are not permanent, so he may have molted and no longer had the clipped feathers. However, yes, a clipped cockatiel can still manage to fly with enough wind. He probably would not have made it far which is why advertising in the area may help. As far as getting a mate, you need to wait until the remaining bird has stopped calling for the lost mate. If you do get a new bird, keep him in a separate cage to begin with and introduce them gradually.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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