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September 14, 2020


Hi my name is Breanna and my mom has two cockatiels one of them is peep she is a sweet heart and the other one is storm. Storm is being a jerk to peep every time peep goes to get some food and storm is in the bottom he attacks peep and runs her off and peep will hiss at storm and they have plenty of toys in their cage. What should we do about this problem?


Hi Breanna & Ann,

It sounds like Peep is very bonded to your mom and Storm is jealous. Storm may be hormonal right now and Peep isn’t interested because she is bonded to people. In the wild, birds only have one mate and other birds are viewed as rivals. For Peep, your mom is the mate or companion and Storm wants to change that or is jealous and also wants to be handled. It creates a very confusing and conflicting situation when you try to keep two tame birds together, because inevitably their hormones kick in and that means someone has to go. In most cases, both birds bond to each other and no longer want to be pets. In order to keep Peep tame and safe, it is best to separate the birds. Otherwise the attacks on Peep may become more aggressive and dangerous to her. If Storm isn’t a tame bird, then it might be better to find him a new home or another companion and let Peep be a pet and live in her own cage.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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