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June 29, 2021


Hi! I have two parakeets at home. I purchased them as brothers and they are not big fans of humans. But I’ve accepted that, because I know the are birds. Anyway, I would love to also have a cockatiel, as they are beautiful birds, and make lovely pets. I was wondering if this was a good idea …


Hi Ella,

Getting a cockatiel for you to be able to handle is fine, as long as you understand it needs to have his own cage – you can’t put him with the parakeets. The parakeets aren’t going to care because they have each other. As you have learned with the parakeets, when you have 2 birds caged together, they don’t want to be pets. So of course just get a single, young tame cockatiel. Make sure you can handle the bird before you take him home. You do not want to have to try to tame one – they make much better pets if hand fed or handled while the parents feed them.

Thank you for Asking Lafeber,


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