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September 2, 2021

Cocktail bird two weeks old not begging for food.

I have bought two cocktails bird two weeks old three days ago now , first I took them to the vet they did examination and determined both of them are healthy .
After coming home the baby didn’t beg for food I thought heshe might be scared so I fed she/he little and she ate normally “ I feed her Formula in syringe , I know how to feed baby chicks because they are not my first birds to bring home “ a couple of feeding later still the same thing not begging for food the other one screams and yells for food and eats very will .
With this behavior I was mildly suspicious that she might be scared or sick I open her mouth slightly and she starts eating up like her/he sibling she/he poops normally and the crop empties per normal nothing out of the ordinary.
I was confused so I took her the an avian vet yesterday because of the behavior he/she doing the doctor said she/he might be scared of the new surroundings that’s why she/he hesitant to eat from the syringe , other than that she’s pretty healthy , he said give herhim some time to get a custom to the new home and she will be more cooperative and responsive of the hand feeding .
It’s the third day today and still she/he doesn’t beg for food or open her/his mouth I open it up abit and I start feed then shehim gets excited and tries to swallow the entire syringe .
How can I let her beg for food or open her/him mouth? I tried putting the food on the side of the mouth but she/him won’t open sometimes she does open but sometimes shehe doesn’t .
Other than that shehe is perfect her feathers are coming in she/he seems content happy and responsive can some help me ?


Hi Maria,

I’m a bit concerned that she still isn’t begging. Did the Vet check her crop and stool for yeast or bacteria? Did the Vet run any tests? A physical exam isn’t enough to say a bird is healthy. A chick is at a higher risk of yeast or bacterial infections. If the Vet did not swab the crop and stool to check, I would recommend it. At two weeks, a chick usually has no problem going to another handfeeder. And after a few days it should be begging like the other bird. So this one may have a health issue.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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