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November 3, 2022

Cocktail male and female

I got a pair of Lutino cocktails wild ones in the month of September they were really happy and were bonded very well. But i am not sure about their age but sure less then 7 month appox.

Now my male cocktail died due to Stoke. So i brought new male cocktail wild, age is approx 1 year with closed ring. Now i am not sure if they will get bonded later or not. They female is not at his right age so i removed breeding box last month.

Need your advice



Your cockatiels are much too young to be breeding or even be sharing a cage yet. Cockatiels should be at least 2 years old before you pair them and let them breed. While they can breed at a younger age, they truly are not ready and are less likely to be successful in raising chicks. Wait until they are both 2 years old and then you can let them get to know each other and eventually breed.

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