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May 23, 2022

Cockteils and budgies

I have a large cage with Cocktiels and budgies… I’ve noticied eggs in nest and the male cocktiel going in the nest… should I bring budgies out to a different cage or just leave it alone?


Hi Mari,

You definitely need to remove all but the cockatiel pair from the cage. When you have more than one pair in the same cage, you should never provide any type of nest or nest box. Nests are only used by birds during breeding season – they do not need a nest or nest box year round, or at all unless you plan to breed. If you want to breed, only have one pair per cage. So since you already have eggs, and it sounds like you want to let them sit on the eggs, then remove all but the pair. If the eggs hatch and chicks survive, remove the nest box as soon as the chicks leave it, to prevent the pair from nesting again too soon. And as soon as the chicks are weaned, move them to a different cage. They can’t remain with the parents or the parents will try to breed with them. If you plan to keep breeding this pair, they need to rest with no nest for 6 months in between every clutch. If you prefer to keep them without breeding, then do not give them a nest or nest box again.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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