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March 19, 2019


I have two pairs of cocktails in a single cage . 1 pair laid one egg but they are not incubating it what should i do??


Hi Raouf,

When you are breeding cockatiels, you should only have one pair per cage. If you cannot remove one of the pairs, then you need to remove any nests or nest boxes and not allow them to breed. When you have two pairs in a cage and they start laying eggs, the other pair is likely to raid the nest and destroy the eggs, or even try to steal the nest. The breeding pair will be territorial and will fight the other pair. Cockatiel fights can turn deadly. Even if one pair manages to sit on the eggs and hatch chicks, the other pair is likely to try to kill the chicks. So go ahead and remove one pair or remove the nests.

When cockatiels lay eggs, they tend to lay 4-6 eggs. They generally do not begin to sit on the eggs until 2 or 3 eggs have been laid. I would recommend that you do a lot of research on how to breed cockatiels before you let a pair sit on eggs. And again, you must only have one pair per cage.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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