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July 20, 2022

Color change – Liver disease webinar Dr. Lamb

My senegal’s green feathers are turning yellow. Prior bloodwork stated he had high cholestrol and was overweight. Now he’s getting more exercise but he refuses to eat veggies. I have a light on him too


Hi Deborah,

Here is Dr. Lamb’s response:

High cholesterol can be associated with liver disease, either as a contributing factor to it or as a result of it. Talk with your veterinarian about what his bile acids level was and if it was not tested I recommend having this value checked to see what his liver function is like. Although he may not want to eat his veggies, if his diet is balanced in other ways, it can still result in a reduction of his fat levels in his blood. The important thing is to only feed the amount he needs for a day so that he does eat a balanced diet. If you want to watch our previous lectures on nutrition in birds you can find some help there with how much to feed him daily.

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