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March 28, 2022

Conure abdomen

my almost 7 year old DNA male conure has a “belly” between his legs. his annual blood work is good. I started giving him milk thistle and aloe (lily of the desert) in case it’s liver issues. is there a test I need to request to check his liver? he has always been flighted and my flock is out and about 09-10 hrs a day. they eat tops pellets and organic steel cut oats, organic chai seed, organic oat groats, treats include walnut piece, tiny almond pieces, organic anise star segment, piece of pecan.


Hi Kathy,

I would definitely discuss this with your Vet. There are several possibilities, so a physical exam, specific blood chemistries and possibly imaging would need to be done to make a diagnosis. I’m sorry we can’t be of more help but this is one of those things that would just be a guessing game without running diagnostic tests.

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