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June 30, 2022


Can I put 2 older conures together in the same cage if they have always been in seperate cages


Hi Elaine,

Maybe. It really depends on the birds and whether they can be compatible in the same cage. It is generally a slow process to introduce two birds into the same cage. Start by having the two cages side by side. If they spend most of their time net to each other, trying to interact, this is a great sign. If they come out of the cage, then let them interact outside of the cage. If they get along this way, again, this is a good sign. Ideally they should be introduced to a neutral cage. But if you only have the cages they are in, one method is to trade cages so each bird can get used to the other bird’s cage. Then when you decide to try them in the same cage, move some toys around, maybe move toys from the other cage, and also there needs to be at least 2 food cups and 2 water cups. Once they are in the same cage, they need to be watched carefully. If they get along instantly, this is good, but still keep a close watch on them. Sometimes it is best to only try for a few hours, and then remove one bird. Do this for a couple of weeks, increasing the time they are together each day. Since pet cams are inexpensive you might set one up so you can observe what they do when you aren’t there watching. If these are pet birds that you handle, then I would not recommend caging them together. Most birds who share a cage will end up bonding with each other, and no longer want to be handled. So keep this in mind. If you do cage them together, watch for any fighting, one bird chasing the other, or chasing the other off food or water. Sitting apart and just staring at each other. Unless they begin to hang out together and enjoy each other, then don’t leave them together. Even if they do not hurt each other, it is very stressful for two birds to share a cage if they don’t enjoy interacting with each other.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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