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July 28, 2021

Death of one of pair

I am sorry guys but i had a pair of zebra finches (they are my first) and sadly today the female died! I am heartbroken & want ur help! What should i do with the male? P.s. the male is hoping around, eats & drinks too….
Another p.s., i found the male at sometimes hitting the female (but not so furiously)


Hi Khaled,

I’m very sorry about your female. Finches can be fragile sometimes. The male should be fine. You can try to get him another mate at some point, or maybe another mate just as a companion. Finches will spar or basically play fight, and normally as long as there is no blood drawn or feathers being pulled, it’s harmless. I doubt the male hurt the female as long as there was no blood or no pile of feathers he pulled out of her. If you get another bird for him, keep them in separate cages, side by side, to give them time to get used to each other, and then gradually introduce them under close supervision.

Take care,


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