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May 24, 2022

Difference between nutriberries, avi cakes, pellet berries and pellets

What is the nutritional difference between the nutriberries, pelletberries, pellets and avi cakes? What should I feed my cockatiels? Will they get enough nutrition by eating the nutri berries ? Do I need to to feed pellets too?


Hi Jaime,

All of these diets are nutritionally balanced as a complete diet. The difference is that the ingredients in pellets are all ground up, and the ingredients in the other diets are whole. You can feed any of these foods alone or combined. So yes, the Nutri-Berries are nutritionally balanced and can be fed instead of pellets. They have the same nutrition as pellets, but they are not ground up. They are ideal for Cockatiels because Cockatiels do eat seeds in the wild as part of their diet, so it is important that they get some whole seeds in their diet in captivity. However, loose seeds you can buy are not fresh enough to retain their nutrients and any added vitamins are lost when the bird removes the hull. Our seeds have already been hulled, so the birds do eat the nutritional coating when they eat the seeds and other ingredients in the Nutri-Berries. Because they do eat a variety of foods in the wild, we recommend offering greens, veggies and some fruit as 20% of their daily diet.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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