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March 14, 2019

Different doves

Can you keep a Ringneck Dove and a Diamond Dove together? I know you can’t keep two different parrots together but doves aren’t known to bite or to be mean and my Ringneck looks really lonely.


Hi David,

No, you cannot mix those species because of the size difference and different temperaments. While doves look sweet and gentle, they can cause a lot of damage to another bird with that beak. A ringneck is likely to kill a diamond dove. Ringnecks have been known to attack and kill other ringnecks and diamond doves have been known to do the same to other diamond doves. Like any bird, you have to be careful when mixing them and even with same species, things can go wrong if they do not get along. Generally it is not good to mix different species but you definitely don’t want to mix birds when there is a big size difference.

If you decide to get another ringneck as a companion for your bird, you should keep them in separate cages to begin with and when you do introduce them, make sure you can observe them and don’t leave them alone until you are sure they are compatible.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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