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February 25, 2022

Does a parrot actually need toys in this condition?

My parrot stays out of its cage all day and only uses the cage for sleeping. Should I put toys in its cage or is it completely fine for him to have none? I still have inserted 2 swings into its cage.



All parrots should have a variety of toys in their cage. In addition you can get a play stand or climbing tree for your bird to be on, and have toys on that. Wild parrots spend their day foraging for food, which involves a lot of climbing and chewing on things. Toys are a way to provide enrichment for a pet bird. Sitting on top of the cage all day isn’t healthy. A bird in a cage, that plays with toys and climbs on ladders and uses a swing will be much healthier physically and mentally than a bird that sits on top of the cage doing nothing. Sitting on top of the cage is no better than being in a cage with no toys and nothing to do. Look into getting some foraging toys to encourage your bird to interact with a toy to get a treat.

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