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February 18, 2019

Dove eating food

I have a little rescue dove that we have since he was a featherless baby. He is know 3 years old.
For the nutrition, it has always been really complicated… We gave him the Hagen Handfeeding formula when he was a baby and transfer him on a finch seeds formula as he gets older. He always eat just the millet seed. He never want to eat any fruits or vegetables. For that reason, I transfer him to Harrisson High Potency Extra Fine Formula. It was really hard to do the transition but I succeed 😂
I want to know if you have a special formulation that contain fruits and vegetables that is good for a dove. If not, knowing he’s eating Harrisson food, do you suggest giving supplement like grit, vitamins, calcium, oil, etc?
Thank you very much
Have a great day


Hi Melissa,

Our Gourmet Nutri-Berries contain fruits and veggies. They are formulated to be nutritionally complete. However, doves do not chew food so you would have to crumble these for him to be able to eat them. Whether you offer these or the pellet granules, he does not need any additional supplements. You can  still offer fresh greens, fruits and veggies.

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