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March 1, 2023

Dove pair is not laying eggs

i have one pair of diamond dove and they are 2 years old. couple of months ago female laid one egg but that was infertile after that she still sitting in nest but not laying anymore eggs. please advise.



Your doves are just at the age to start breeding. A first clutch rarely works out. But, it is important that you take the nest out after each clutch, whether the eggs hatch or not. Even though she only laid one egg, she still needs to rest before breeding again. Generally you should rest a pair about 6 months between each clutch, without a nest in the cage. They do not need a nest to sleep in – it is only for laying and hatching eggs. I would remove the nest, wait a couple more months, and then out it back. This may trigger mating and egg laying. Diamond doves can be very nervous birds, so they need a quite, private place for breeding. If they are around people all of the time, they usually will not sit on eggs or raise chicks.

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