Ask Lafeber


March 23, 2021

Dr. Echols Webinar Tail trauma

It seems that there is a correlation between force trauma and abnormal bone/blood supply in the M2s(Moluccan Cockatoo). Is there a plan to resarch how to help support healthy bone formation during healing following traumas such as forceful landing (result of heavy wing clipping)?


Hi Stephanie – here is Dr. Echols’ reply:

The abnormal bone and blood supply results (likely) from the chronic injury and damage to the tail.  It appears these birds simply crash land and traumatize their tail when their wings are trimmed too short.  I don’t believe these birds start with abnormal anatomy.  Yes, I have been working on bone density problems in birds (and other animals) for many years.  We did not even have time to get into the bone density topic!

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