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January 3, 2023

Egg tossed

My 20 yr old African greys have mated for first time and just laid first egg, however they tossed it. Is this normal?


Hi Shannon,

Yes, this is something that any bird might do. It’s one of many reasons why I tell people that it takes a lot of patience to breed birds, and it’s not easy! Otherwise they wouldn’t cost so much. LOL All you can do is wait and see what they do with the next egg or eggs. If they keep doing it, there may be something they don’t like about the nest box or where the breeding cage is set up. The box should be as high as possible, preferably on the outside of the cage. The cage should be in a quiet, private place in the house and for the most part, people need to keep their distance other than to feed them. If they do this with all of the eggs, block off the nest box, rest them for 6 months, then let them try again. They should be rested in between each clutch, whether the eggs hatch or not. The stress on the hen is from forming and laying the eggs. She needs time to rebuild her calcium and protein and to rest. If they toss the eggs the next time, then this pair may not be cut out for breeding. But just take it one clutch at a time. First clutches almost always fail.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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