Ask Lafeber


December 29, 2021


I was told I had two male birds but I found four eggs in the cage the parents are not paying any attention to the eggs at all they are not sitting on the eggs


Hi Linda,

Well now you know you have at least one female. You didn’t mention what species you have, but most pet birds only lay one egg every other day. So if you have one female, the eggs started being laid over a week ago. If you have zebra finches, they can lay more than one egg in a day. If you let me know what birds you have, & whether you want to deal with breeding, I can help you more. Just because they laid eggs doesn’t mean you need to start breeding. They are not showing interest because I’m assuming they do not have a nest or nest box. And there is still the chance that you have two females.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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