Ask Lafeber


January 4, 2022


Your right o nesting box I was told I had two male cockatiel birds when is all gray with a all white face the other one is yellow and gray with orange cheeks. I have no idea how to take care of baby birds especially if the parents are not paying any attention to the eggs.


Hi Linda,

You don’t have to worry about chicks since the parents aren’t taking care of the eggs. They would need a nest box and would have to sit on the eggs day and night for the eggs to hatch. And then they are supposed to feed the chicks.  And they would need to mate before she laid eggs for the eggs to even be fertile. It doesn’t sound like they are bonded as a breeding pair, so I doubt they have mated. If they aren’t paying attention to the eggs, throw the eggs away and make the changes I discussed in the last reply.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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