Ask Lafeber


July 13, 2021


My finch laid only 2 eggs for the first time…
Will it be hatched???what is the hatching period???

Both the parents roam around the cage instead of hatching sometimes…is it normal?


Hi Ajit,

Finch eggs take about 2 weeks before they hatch. If the parents are staying off the eggs for long periods, the eggs are going to get cold and will not hatch. Since this is the first time, it’s normal for the parents to mess up. They may also be too young. Younger birds are not ready to settle down and care for eggs or chicks. If these do not hatch, I would remove the nest and rest the pair for about 6 months before returning the nest. They might do better once they have time to get a bit more mature.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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